August 26, 2011

World Con


I'm fresh back from World Con (The World Science Fiction Convention) so I thought I'd go through the archives and pull out something appropriately "spacey" to post.

Some highlights of the Con were:
And on a related note, I've contributed a few pieces to "Project Icarus", A serious study of technologies and designs to get us to a nearby star in the next century or 2. They are currently looking for a volunteer graphic designer interested in contributing a few logo ideas to the project. They're at


Stephen James. said...

Proxima Centauri or bust!!!

Cool sketch by the way. Medium?

Nathan Fowkes said...

Good to hear from you Stephen. The medium would have to be labeled mixed media. It's latex paints with oil pastels. Definitely an unusual experiment in medium combos.

Rose said...

Very science fiction themed on this piece.

BrandNewStudio said...


dfsdf said...

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Sam Easton said...

I had lunch with Manchess one time, or more like I wish I had. He came to my school one time to give a lecture and demo. Very funny and sweet natured man.
BTW, you always reminded me as a younger version of the man (it must be the beard).

abhishek singh said...

must have been some experience attending this confrence:)
i'm hoping you'll share some of your work which you contributed to the icarus project.
and the sketch is truly si-fi:)

apad 2 said...

In my view everyone have to glance at it.

Jeff said...

Nathan - sorry we didn't meet up at Worldcon - maybe next time! That "historic" section of the art show was pretty amazing wasn't it?!

Take care -